Introducing Rails Coaching

Adarsh Pandit

We are excited to announce that we now offer coaching to Rails developers. To work with one of our expert Rails developers, click here.

We recently started offering iOS coaching and the response has been very positive. We used Product Design Sprints and rapid prototyping to develop the service, as we do on all client projects. Read our case study here. We’re excited to bring this excellent service to Rails developers.

Before the 4 hour coaching session, you provide a project to work on, learning goals, and information about yourself. We match you with a great coach, based on your interests, Once we do, you’ll get to know your coach with a quick Google Hangout before the session.

Your coach will then briefly review your code before you meet, and during the session you’ll ask questions, work through problems, and learn how to approach future challenges.

We are excited to work with you remotely or in one of our offices. If you’re ready to level-up your skills, please get in touch.