Introducing The Playbook Online Workshop

Chad Pytel

We’ve been offering a video version of The Playbook for some time, and now we’re happy to announce the evolution of that concept, the new Playbook Workshop.

This workshop is the real-time, expanded version of The Playbook. We’ll start with the video lessons and then work together on practical examples and your own real ideas. We will go through an example of building an actual application and we’ll explore all of the pieces of the web design and development process, including the tools and team.

The first session of this new workshop runs from April 8th to the 19th, and is available for registration individually for $499, or you can subscribe to Learn Prime, to get access to this workshop, and all our other workshops, books, and screencasts for just $99/month.

Learn more and register today. I hope to see you in the workshop!