The Playbook: Video Edition

Chad Pytel

We’ve been giving an in-person workshop in Boston for a couple of years that goes through our best practices in successful web application development. People all over the world have been asking if there was a way we could bring this workshop to them.

This series of five high-definition videos is just that. I’ve made an introductory video which describes it in more detail:

When you purchase this series of videos you also get one on one and group support directly from me and other members of the thoughtbot crew. Ask us any questions you have about startups, building successful application, Rails, and mobile and web development.

The first video in the series “Planning” is available today. We’ll be releasing the next four videos each week for next four weeks, and purchasing the series today gets you all future videos as well as the support.

  • Making plans and designing a product (15 min, Available now)
  • Building a team (15 min, Available 7/13)
  • The design process (30 min, Available 7/20)
  • Successful development practices and platform choices (20 min, Available 7/27)
  • Launching! (20 min, Available 8/3)

For the in-person workshop in Boston we charged $250. Today, you can purchase this new video series, with the one on one and group support, for just $49 for you, or $199 for your entire company.

You can view more information about the video series on our workshops site.