Funny Shirts Your Friends Won't Understand at RailsConf

Chad Pytel

A healthy contingent of us will all be at RailsConf: Jon, Matt, Tammer, Jared, Eric, Joe, Mike, and Chad.

They’ll be heckling me on Sunday at 1:50PM during my talk, Advanced Active Record: Best Practice Refactoring. I’ll be walking through real code, showing how to effectively use Active Record to refactor it.

The talk will be high-octane, and I may sweat through my t-shirt. Luckily, we’re bringing along boxes of t-shirts.

Introducing … Tee Bot (thoughtbot t-shirt store) … and TeeBot’s first three T’s:

If you’re going to be at RailsConf - you can choose the Pickup at RailsConf 2008 shipping method when you checkout, then we’ll make sure that you get your shirts while you’re in Portland.

Also, because I’m a huge fucking celebrity, I’ll be at the bookstore table on Saturday, during the AM break from 10:15am-10:40am, signing copies of Jon’s and my book, Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails.

Stop by and say hi, we hope to see you there.