Sweet tea

Matt Jankowski

Hey! Remember when we launched teebot right before RailsConf this past May? Well since then we’ve run out of stock on some of the initial shirt sizes, and we’ve been handing out some previously unsold shirt designs at various ruby events and conferences throughout the year.

If you attended any of our training events, or if you saw us at a conference, we may have thrown a tee shirt at you. We looked into t shirt launchers but they’re prohibitively expensive for something which would primarily just amuse us.

So if you didn’t get your fill of Black Friday shopping and your itching to clothe your loved ones in thoughtbot designed tees, why not check out teebot, which has been restocked with sizes of do or do not, script/runner and has many shoes and now features two new shirts…



Red ralph teebot logo shirt

You can tell people this is actually a muxtape shirt if it makes you more likely to buy it.

has_many :hoes, :through => :area_codes

Frequently spotted but never before sold. Until now!

While I have your attention, we’ve put our two presentations from the recent Voices That Matter professional ruby conference (great photo set from Sebastian Delmont on flickr) in Boston online. Here you are: