Backbone.js on Rails: a new dynamic ebook

Chad Pytel

We recently tweeted that this was the “summer of backbone.js”. 75% of our client projects are now using Backbone.js and Trajectory is using it heavily now as well.

We’re loving Backbone.js, but as we got started with Backbone.js we realized that there was definitely a learning curve. As we got more familiar with it, we realized that the standardization we were familiar with from Rails was lacking and there were quite a few tricks and tips to make Backbone.js work well, especially with a Rails backend.

So we’re pleased to announce that we’re now writing a new book, Backbone.js on Rails.

But this more than just an ebook. We’re using git-scribe and github to manage the writing of the book. When you purchase access to the book, you’re going to get pull access to the repo. As we write, you’ll be able to follow along, view diffs, comment on individual lines of the work, and use Github issues to provide feedback and issues.

Because we’re using git-scribe, the book will able to be generated in different formats: HTML, PDF, ePub (iBooks, Nook), and Mobi (Kindle). We’re supporting HTML out of the gate, and other formats as soon as they’re ready to go down smooth.

Along with the book, the git repo will contain working Backbone.js and Ruby on Rails examples to help your understanding and be really useful.

You can get access now for $39. This early access price is for a limited time, and will go up to $49 on August 1st, 2011. We also have a special group price of $199 for up to 10 readers.

You can see our working table of contents and purchase access on the Backbone.js on Rails web page.