Backbone.js on Rails eBook: updates and a sample

Jason Morrison

Since we announced the Backbone.js on Rails eBook project a little over a month ago, we’ve been writing content, discussing great feedback through GitHub issues, and cutting regular releases.

We’ve heard many requests for a sample, and are excited to release a selection of our work in progress for download:

What’s in it

Wondering how best to organize your Backbone code inside your Rails 3.0 or 3.1 application? Looking for a view from 30,000 feet of connecting a Rails backend to a Backbone frontend? We’ve got you covered with two selections from the Rails integration section.

The third selection is from later in the book, and covers filtering and sorting Backbone collections. It also walks through a few refactorings to make this code clean and reusable.

We’ve also updated the book’s webpage to include our most up-to-date table of contents. It also includes the status of each section, so you can get a sense of how complete the book is. We’re at about 40 written pages, not including the included sample Rails 3.1 app.

If you enjoy the sample, you can pick up access to the entire book and sample application as it gets written on the Backbone.js on Rails eBook page.