She Blinded Me with Ruby Science

Joe Ferris

Ruby Science

We love Rails, object-oriented programming, and refactoring. We use a process to develop applications to work faster, introduce fewer bugs, and enjoy what we’re doing. We blog, Tweet, and talk at conferences on these subjects.

After every post and discussion, there are topics left unexplored. There are too many related concepts to link to, and there’s too much code we can’t share. We want to share our process with as many Rails developers as we can, and we’ve finally decided to take the next step. We’re writing a new book, called Ruby Science, that describes this process in an easy-to-digest reference format.

But this is more than just a book. As with Backbone.js on Rails, in addition to the book (in HTML, PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats), you also get a complete example application, and the ability to get your questions about Ruby on Rails answered by the thoughtbot team using GitHub issues and live chat.

The book is written using Markdown and pandoc and distributed via GitHub. When you purchase, we give you direct access to the repository, so you can use the GitHub comment and issue features to give us feedback about what we’ve written and what you’d like to see. Give us your toughest Ruby questions with GitHub issues, and we’ll answer. Last but not least, also included is a Ruby on Rails reference application. What the book describes and explains, the example app demonstrates with real, working code. Fully up to date for Rails 3.2.

The book is a work in progress, and we currently have almost 40 pages of content. You can get access now for an early purchase price of $39. This offer is only valid for a limited time, and will increase to $49 on January 31, 2013.

You can see our working table of contents, read a free sample, and purchase access on the Ruby Science web page.