Announcing Foundry

Will H McMahan

Foundry is a new place for finding and sharing SVGs. It gives designers the opportunity to contribute and collaborate on families of vector illustrations and icons and make them available to the world. No more hunting around Google for ten minutes to find just the right icon or wasting time recreating an iPhone when you know it’s already been done a thousand times.


Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) are pretty amazing. SVGs can be interactive, animated, infinitely big and infinitely small. They let us share and collaborate with each other on vector art in an open and application agnostic way. We can create visual information, art, and fun in ways that aren’t possible in raster art.

Each family of Foundry is a collection of SVG illustrations and icons, tailor-made to work together. Foundry Core, the first family of Foundry, is created to be a set of core imagery for use by designers and developers on open-source and client projects. The majority of the library is designed around subject matter commonly used in digital products and applications. Fellowly, the second family of Foundry, is built for health and happiness. Find what you like, mix and match, and use them!

While there are many icon libraries of various shapes and sizes, we want to make something a little different. We want to create an open source illustration library that can be shaped and tooled based on the needs of the community. Our tagline is “Providing a new generation of vector assets and infinite possibility for the interactive web and mobile applications, from the designers at thoughtbot.”

“But wait!” you say… “it doesn’t have the _______ that I need for my project~!” Just make an issue on the family’s GitHub repository and we’ll add it to the queue. Share your opinions on requests you’re interested in and we’ll focus on the ones with the most traction.

Download them, use them, love them.