Poppins: All Your Favorite GIFs, Ready to Share

Hi, I’m Tony DiPasquale, and I love burgers. But you know what’s even better than burgers?

That’s right: GIFs! And we at thoughtbot are proud to announce Poppins, available anywhere fine apps are sold (the App Store, it’s the App Store). Poppins gives you a place to quickly access your favorite GIFs and then easily share those GIFs to friends, family, co-workers, nemeses, anyone really.

Poppins uses Dropbox to sync your GIFs to and from the cloud. What does this mean? Well you can add GIFs to Poppins and they’ll show up on other devices with Poppins! Also, you can use your fancy computer to dump GIFs into Dropbox and Poppins will download them next time you open the app!

Once your GIFs are synced, sharing is as easy as just tapping on one. The native iOS sharing feature allows you to pick any social network or messaging platform you use. You can also tap and hold a GIF to preview.

Found a new GIF you want to save? We’ve even made it easy to import GIFs while on your phone. Simply copy a GIF (usually tap and hold) then open Poppins. Poppins will detect and import the new GIF! BOOM!

Psyched? We are!

So, who wants to try Poppins?

Yeah you do! Get it here.

Oh, what’s that? You love it? Thanks! Do you want more features? Do you want to help build this app? You can! We’re excited to announce that Poppins is open source!

We’re proud of the code we’ve written and we’re excited to keep improving it. We have many features and improvements we want to add to Poppins, so if you’re interested in contributing check out the Trello Board for things to do!