Announcing a new workshop series for founders

Dawn Delatte

Are you an aspiring (or seasoned) startup founder with a new business idea? You’re in luck! We’re launching a new workshop series to help you bring your idea from vision to value, and teach you how to make that process repeatable for your business.

In this workshop series, our Director of Product Strategy (a two-time former founder herself!) will help you identify your early adopter market, develop and articulate your unique value proposition, and make a plan for building an MVP.

Join in a group setting to ask questions about your specific challenges, see examples of how our process is run, and hear from others about the challenges they’re facing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from the series:

  • Assumptions + Critical Path: Uncover what assumptions you’re making about your customers or target customers, and define their critical path from problem to solution.
  • Market Segmentation: Generate a list of target market segments to score, sort, and prioritize for the sessions ahead.
  • Market-message Fit: Learn how to reach your customers to interview, observe, and test your messaging at scale.
  • Product Focus: Learn to map opportunities to your discovery, brainstorm solutions, and run product experiments to test your assumptions.
  • Strategic Planning: Review the how-tos of business modeling, team and hiring planning, fundraising, and other dynamics for the journey ahead.
  • Evangelizing Your Idea: Learn how to convince people to join you on the ride.
  • Sustaining Momentum: Last, but most certainly not least, learn how to make the processes you’ve just learned repeatable and ensure business success.

You can attend individual sessions, join the entire series, and/or get one-on-one coaching and advice from a seasoned startup founder and product strategy consultant.

Take your startup from vision to value: a workshop series

The first session starts on April 18, 2024. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to validate your new business idea and collaborate with other experts and entrepreneurs like you. Register today!