Take your product global with internationalization and localization

Expanding your application to new markets and languages doesn’t have to feel unmanageable. thoughtbot can help you grow your web and mobile apps internationally without using the limited bandwidth of your current team.

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More than language translation

In order to expand globally, you need to modify your application to display all the text of the application in the alternate language, the ability to handle different prices and currencies, and dates and time formats.

Many applications today are not limited to just one technology, so internationalization doesn't mean just modifying your Rails code, it involves ensuring your front-end JavaScript frameworks and architecture also support localization seamless alongside your backend. thoughtbot takes this work on as you and your team continue business as usual.

Translation Partners

Easily integrate with your existing stack and workflow

Our partner, Locale, can translate the text of your application into one or more languages. With over 65 languages supported, you unlock the potential to reach 4.3 billion native speakers without a language barrier. Locale’s Automated Translation Pipeline™ is customized to your dev team’s specific workflow, and can even work with GitHub, ensuring that your application’s localization is always kept up to date.

Connect with a thoughtbot product expert so we can help you understand the current state of your application, and the level of effort to be able to upgrade your current system to be able to be internationalized.

Case Study

Launch and optimise a Sell Your Car product in a new European market

Leveraging their successful UK business model, carwow set out to launch their Sell Your Car service in Germany. This enhancement would empower them to meet a key business goal of growing their European footprint. But first, the team had to discover and plan for differences between the existing UK product and the new German market requirements.

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