Protect your Rails App Against Security Threats during COVID-19

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Develop a plan to de-risk your Rails app

Remember the days when you were running on the latest and greatest version of Ruby on Rails? Then a new version came out and your team didn't find the time to upgrade...then it happened again...and again. Now you are several versions behind, longing for the latest features and performance improvements, and worried about security vulnerabilities putting your business and customers at risk.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world around us, bringing new business opportunities as well as new cyber threats, both of which require attention to security and performance.

Tune in to learn about thoughtbot's approach to upgrading Ruby on Rails applications. During this workshop, we'll help you evaluate the benefits and risks of upgrading, and develop a plan that allows you to de-risk your upgrade project and complete it without sacrificing new feature development.

This workshop will include:

  • An exploration of the benefits and risks of upgrading a Rails application, with a focus on security and performance
  • Tips for getting stakeholders across the company on board with an upgrade project
  • An overview of thoughtbot's approach to completing an upgrade while continuing to deliver new features
  • A discussion of some recent thoughtbot Rails upgrade projects
  • Live Q&A with you the audience

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Engineering leaders looking to improve application security and performance
  • Senior developers working with unmaintained versions of Rails
  • Product owners deciding whether an upgrade is worth the cost
Event Speakers
  • Daniel Colson, Developer, thoughtbot

    Daniel is a full stack developer with experience building web applications with Ruby, Python, TypeScript, React, and GraphQL.

    Daniel is active in the Ruby community. He is the maintainer of several popular open-source libraries, including factory_bot and factory_bot_rails, and has been invited to speak about his work on the Ruby Rogues podcast and on The Bike Shed. He is on the Rails Issues team, and is a co-author of the “This Week in Rails” newsletter.

  • Elisa Verna, Developer, thoughtbot

    Elisa Verna joined thoughtbot as a Developer in 2019. Recently Elisa has been supporting a variety of Rails and React projects including a Rails upgrade for a music distribution company, tokenization work for a commercial real estate company translating their application and mentoring developers at a non-profit organization.

    Before joining thoughtbot, she was a software engineer at Ellevate Network, a certified B Corp working to end gender inequality in the workplace.

  • Joël Quenneville, Senior Developer, thoughtbot

    Joël has spent significant time working in health tech and B2B with start-ups including Careport Health and ezCater, focusing on feature delivery and developer mentorship. He also was a key team member mentoring the Adwerx team during a Ruby on Rails upgrade and process overhaul.

    In addition to his extensive TDD and Ruby on Rails experience, Joël has championed the use of Elm to ensure business-critical applications work as intended with clients including Travelers Insurance.