Live Lightning Design Jam: How can we build genuine connections as a remote team?

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The Prompt: How can we build genuine connections as a remote team?

Remote is the new normal. It brought with it some benefits, some challenges, and some frustrations. Now that our team is fully remote, we are looking for ways to build connections. We decided to use one of our go-to tools, a Lightning Design Jam, to break down this challenge and uncover next steps.

Your company’s growth and teams happiness requires continuing to look for ways to improve and ensuring all voices are heard. That being said, breaking down complex problems is hard especially when you need to get buy-in from the business and alignment across multiple stakeholders.

thoughtbot Lift Off is the most reliable cross-functional team of product experts who help you move forward with confidence. We staff dedicated teams of designers, developers and product managers to take you from idea or challenge to action plan. In this event our team will show you the power of a cross-functional team and how effectively a Lightning Design Jam can help you begin to tackle a complex problem.

This event will cover:

  • The goal and structure of a Lightning Design Jam
  • How to facilitate engaging, remote sessions using Miro
  • How different perspectives from a cross-functional team come together to identify the right solution and then actionable path forward

This event is ideal for Product Leaders who are:

  • Leading or working to grow a cross-functional team
  • Feeling stuck on how to tackle an idea or challenge
  • Looking for a fun, interactive, remote friendly way to introduce change
  • Curious how our remote team tackles an initiative
  • Looking to foster a strong community across their remote team