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Bring a quality product to market and get ready to scale with thoughtbot Lift Off

Your company’s growth depends on innovation that forges new and exciting business opportunities. thoughtbot Lift Off is a team of product experts that can help you navigate complex design and development decisions, guiding you from your starting point to a fully functional product team and widely adopted product.

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Complex MVPs and V1 products

Make the right Go-to-Market decisions for your business

When you’re getting ready to create a larger, more complex Minimum Viable Product or version 1 of your product, you have many difficult decisions to make. These strategic considerations will impact your product far into the future, so you want to make them wisely. 

Working with an experienced technical partner you can trust is critical to mitigating risk, building a solid foundation, and setting you up for long-term success. thoughtbot Lift Off will help you navigate and execute on foundational strategic decisions.

Expert help with

  • technical architecture
  • API integrations
  • feature priorities
  • user experience
  • Go-To-Market
  • compliance
  • product road mapping
  • and much more

Quote about MVPs

Adding thoughtbot’s strategic horsepower to your company’s engine will help bring your product to life.

Hunter Gorham
CEO and founder, Joydrive

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Thoughtful user engagement

Grow customer engagement by expanding your product line 

Introducing new technologies brings new opportunities to create more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships with your users.  When your product team is already at full capacity, it’s almost impossible for them to take this on - especially if they need to learn new technologies.   

The thoughtbot Lift Off team can seamlessly integrate with your existing team, support them where they are in the process, up-skill them in a new technology, and work collaboratively with them to bring a new product to market. Committing to a partnership like this is the best way to ensure the success of your team and product.  

Quote from InHerSight about thoughtbot

The best part of working with thoughtbot was how they seamlessly integrated with our team, cared what we were doing, and their commitment to making our product great.

Daniel Stapelton
CCO and cofounder, InHerSight

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Reduce growing pains

Scale your high-growth business with an experienced technical partner

Getting the green light to grow your team and product is exciting. It’s also easier said than done. You need to hire senior level team members, build new features, clean up technical debt, up-skill junior team members, and prepare your current infrastructure for exponential customer growth. You need to do all of this quickly so that you’re not wasting the investment.

thoughtbot Lift Off is an experienced technical partner that can support your needs during high growth periods. With thoughtbot’s on-demand expertise you’ll reduce risk and accelerate product delivery. Our product strategists will help you formalize processes, establish a design system, and stabilize your code-base. 

Working with thoughtbot is unique because we also help you hire, onboard, mentor, and up-skill new team members. We’ll leave you with a stable infrastructure and outstanding team culture that will benefit your business not just during the immediate growth period, but also for years to come.

Quote from Teikametrics

If you’re a starting CTO with a very large mandate and you are in this market where hiring is difficult and slow, it’s easy to end up compromising on hiring because you’re under so much pressure. Your better option is to go to thoughtbot and get those highly seasoned engineers in the building early. Get them to ramp up your existing team while you find the exact matches for who you want your principal engineering team to be.

Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

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thoughtbot Lift Off Services

Learn more about a few of our team's specialty areas

Product Design

From strategy to implementation, we collaborate with you to design experiences that build successful products and businesses.

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Mobile Development

We design and build iOS, Android, and cross-platform React Native apps for startups and established businesses.

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Health Tech Products

Work with us to help you reduce waste and improve outcomes for patients, providers, and payers.

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We help individuals and teams mature processes and nurture a healthy and productive culture.

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Case Studies

Check out some of our clients

InHerSight — Partnering with thoughtbot, InHerSight was able to reduce time to market by 50% and launch a high-quality mobile application that was well received by their users.

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LOLA — LOLA came to thoughtbot to support new product launches, improve customer conversion, and stabilize their codebase.

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Resources for you

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Here are some of the questions thoughtbot asks early-stage entrepreneurs to see if they are MVP ready.

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Doing the upfront work of building a strategic plan, business model, and understanding product market fit will set up a product for long-term growth.

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Priority Determines Product

When we get overly attached to our initial vision, or race to launch, or try to satisfy every customer request, we often jeopardize our own success.

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