Design Systems Roundtable with Product Leaders

Best Practices, Strategy & Tools

What value can a design system bring to your product and team?

thoughtbot has been helping to improve products and product teams for more than 18 years. As we've learned how to effectively help teams, we've uncovered the power of a design system. A design system is a set of interconnected patterns and shared practices organized to achieve the purpose of digital products. Having a solid design system, that is clearly understood by all, helps your product team maintain standards and a cohesive look and feel while allowing them to evolve the product quickly and efficiently.

We've asked product leaders across industries and team sizes to join us. The thoughtbot team will facilitate a roundtable discussion digging into their unique experiences with introducing and using a design system so you will be prepared to explore this solution within your own team.

This event will cover the following topics:

  • What are design systems, and who are they for?
  • What is the value of building and using a design system?
  • What tools and practices can we use to make our design system successful?

This event is ideal for Product Leaders who are interested in:

  • Learning what a Design System is and how it's used
  • Best practices for creation, introduction, and maintenance of a Design System
  • Uncovering whether a Design System can help their team and product improve
  • Quantifying the value of a Design System for a product and a product team
Featured Panelists
  • Adekunle Oduye

    Design Engineer, Plaid

    Adekunle Oduye (Add-eh-koon-lay Oh-due-yay) is an UX Engineer born / bred / based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently he's at Plaid, where he's helping to build Threads, Plaid's official design system. He enjoys working where design meets development. Some of the topics he's interested in are design systems, prototyping and front-end development. When Adekunle isn't building software, you can probably find him reading up on Stoicism or planning his next travel adventure.


  • John Voss

    Senior Manager, UI & Design Systems, Stitch Fix

    John Voss is a designer who teaches, writes, and advocates for a more inclusive, just design industry and world. He was the founding design lead on Stitch Fix’s Mode design system, and is currently growing the Stitch Fix design system team and practice. He also co-founded Queer Design Club, a group that promotes and celebrates all the amazing work that happens at the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and design worldwide.


  • Kelly Harrop

    UX Engineering Lead, Intuit Design System

    Kelly currently leads UX Engineering for the Intuit Design System, working primarily on design tokens. As a design and developer advocate, she helps people understand how to use the system to make their lives easier.


  • Luke Mitchell

    Design Director, thoughtbot Launchpad II

    Luke is a designer from the east of England. Not scared to break convention, and always looking forward, he enjoys working to create simple, usable, and interesting interfaces. Like all designers at thoughtbot, Luke not only designs beautiful user experiences, he can implement those designs as a front-end developer.


  • Sam Kapila

    Design Director, thoughtbot Lift Off

    Sam has been a design instructor and academic director, in both public and for-profit education, in addition to being a designer focused on branding. At thoughtbot, Sam has worked on multiple mobile apps in React Native and native iOS, that all work towards providing a service or bringing communities together. She speaks and writes about product design, management, diversity and inclusion, and responsive web design.



  • Session Host: Stephen Lindberg

    Senior Designer, thoughtbot Boost

    Stephen is a designer focusing on user experience and iterative process. He has a multidisciplinary background including fine art, game development, and interaction design.