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Address Tech Debt with Site Reliability Engineering
Address Tech Debt with Site Reliability Engineering
Hear how technical leaders are using SRE to address technical debt

Code is sometimes written in a hurry, especially in the startup world. Companies often prioritize new features over refactoring or fixing less than high quality code. Once a product needs to scale, organizations need to find the right balance of refactoring and feature development. As a developer, I want to be able to prioritize time to address technical debt before it causes major problems.

The process of developing service level objectives can set the groundwork for a deeper understanding of your applications performance needs and allow collaborative decision-making in budget and schedule priority. Our panel discussion today will cover major architectural trade-offs related to service level performance, observability and metrics strategies, and key cultural practices for success.

This event is ideal for

  • Start-up Teams, Founders & Entrepreneurs thinking about scaling their application
  • Engineering leads interested in adopting SRE practices
  • Developers looking to prioritize addressing tech debt in their organization
  • Victoria Guido (Host)

    Victoria leads the business development and DevOps strategy for the Mission Control team at thoughtbot.

  • Camille Clayton

    Camille is an Engineering Manager, Kubernetes Infrastructure at Ticketmaster and a Director for Women Who Code DC.

  • Emmanuel Apau

    Emmanuel is the CEO at, a former United States Digital Service Expert and a co-founder of Black Code Collective. An AWS & Azure Certified DevSecOps specialist with 12 years of experience developing innovative automation solutions using DevSecOps & Site reliability best practices for clients. Experience in both the public and private sectors, providing services that engage Agile best practices, scalable cloud architectures, and modern continuous integration & deployment standards.

  • Joe Ferris

    As CTO at thoughtbot, Joe is a trusted technical consultant for projects at startups and large enterprises in diverse markets including e-commerce, analytics, social networks, and finance.