We're Hiring a Producer

Ben Orenstein

We’re looking to hire a full-time producer in Boston.

This person will have the following responsibilities:

  • Recording, editing, and writing show notes for the Giant Robots podcast.
  • Recording and editing the Build Phase podcast.
  • Scheduling guests for the Giant Robots podcast.
  • Shooting and editing The Weekly Iteration(a recurring video show for Learn subscribers).
  • Shooting and editing longer, video-based workshops.
  • Managing outsourced editors for larger projects.
  • Managing our studio space and equipment.

The ideal candidate has experience recording and editing both video and audio, but we’ll happily consider passionate learners with experience in one of the two.

This position is full-time, with benefits including weekly catered lunches, health insurance, and unlimited paid time off.

It also has an extremely high degree of autonomy. You’ll be given a credit card—if you think we need a piece of equipment, order it. If you want to try a new way of shooting, or a new tool for editing, go for it. Great candidates would rather be set loose on a problem than told what to do about it. thoughtbot is an organization that embraces change, and we’re looking for someone who is always looking to do things better than last time.

UPDATE: We’ve found someone awesome. Thanks for your interest.