We're Looking to Hire Another Great Designer

Chad Pytel

Hey Everyone, hows it going? Good? Yeah, same here.

We’re looking to hire another great web designer to join our team full-time in our Boston office. The right person will have experience designing user interfaces for web applications, have good typographical skills, a strong foundation in design principles, excellent XHTML and CSS skills, and will be as passionate about great design, semantic markup, and web standards as we are about our Ruby code.

''The competitive salary will depend on how awesome you are, includes medical benefits, 401k eligibility, and relocation to Boston (if needed).

Our team works in a relaxed and educational environment. We use the latest web development technologies, frameworks and techniques, and embrace both agile development methodologies and a “getting real” project philosophy. We limit our work weeks to 40 hours, stock the fridge with drinks and snacks, and provide lunch on Fridays.

Did you know that in addition to being the at the seat of our nation’s pants, Boston is also the premier location for designing the web?! It’s true, just look at these guys.

''If you are interested, contact us at resumes@thoughtbot.com. Feel free to describe why you want to work for us, what your past experience is, what your salary requirements are, who your work references are, a link to a portfolio, a bunch of sites you like, a list of hobbies, or anything else you think represents who you are or who you want to be.