Welcome Aboard: You're Riding iOS on Rails!


When I sat down to write my first API with Rails, I was overwhelmed with the abundance of options available to me. From ActiveModel::Serializers to JBuilder to Rabl to simply calling .as_json, just choosing which library to use for rendering JSON was a task in and of itself.

A couple weeks and a Sinatra app later, our team was on its way to building a solid, extensible, well-tested JSON API with Rails.

Half way through the project, Diana, an iOS developer, remarked to me: “Being able to create an API must be so cool! You want a new endpoint and then a few hours later - there it is!”

My response: “Being able to create an iOS app must be so cool! You want a new view and then a few hours later - there it is!”

And then a light went on: what if I, a Rails developer, could create both an API and an iOS app that used that API?

And so an eBook was born.

Introducing the Beta Release of iOS on Rails

iOS on Rails is a book for anyone with some Rails experience and little or no iOS experience.

After reading iOS on Rails, you will be able to create a JSON API with Rails and an iOS app that interacts with that API.

The book covers:

  • Which tools we chose for rendering JSON endpoints and why
  • How to test-drive development of your Rails JSON API
  • How to create JSON endpoints for GET, POST, and PATCH requests
  • How to create geocoded API endpoints
  • How to set up your first iOS app in Xcode
  • How to consume and use API endpoints in an iOS app

As with all our books, you get you all future updates we make. We even give you access to the GitHub repository containing source code for a fully functioning Rails app and a fully functioning iOS app.