GET the NeXTSTEP of iOS on Rails

Jessie Young

We’re excited to announce that our iOS on Rails ebook just hit 1.0!

Since the beta release of iOS on Rails in March 2014, we’ve been hard at work adding new features and incorporating reader feedback. The book has been reviewed technically by thoughtbot developers and for formatting, style, and accuracy by a professional copy editor. A special thanks to Caleb Hearth and Mark Adams for helping Diana and I finalize the book’s content.

iOS on Rails is a book for anyone with some Rails experience and little or no iOS experience.

After reading iOS on Rails, you will be able to create a JSON API with Rails and an iOS app with Objective-C that interacts with that API.

As with all our books, you get all future updates we make. We even give you access to the GitHub repository containing source code for a fully functioning Rails app and a fully functioning iOS app.

Get your copy of iOS on Rails today!