Watch a live pitch deck review on April 22

In February we co-hosted a lively virtual event for founders to get real time, public feedback on their investor pitches. The response to the session was so overwhelmingly positive, we’ve decided to make it a recurring series and the next event is April 22!

Pitch Deck Review Event promotion banner featuring Hera Fertility

Back in the February event, three founders boldly presented 5 minute versions of their pitch decks to a panel of early stage experts from thoughtbot and our friends at Forecastr, DocSend, and Startup Stack. In the next chapter of the live pitch deck review, we’re keeping the panel the same, but limiting the event to a single founder to allow for more feedback discussion.

With 3 presenters we only scratched the surface of the great follow-up questions from the founders and the audience. The same goes for the expert feedback and advice. Everyone on the panel has strong early stage expertise across the board, and some have unique specialty areas like product-market fit (thoughtbot), the pitch deck itself (DocSend), and financials (Forecastr). We’re excited to provide participating founders with a deeper level of feedback from the experts so they can best optimize their pitch for success.

Pitch deck review for healthtech startup Hera Fertility

In our upcoming live Pitch Deck Review, we’re thrilled to share that the participating founder is Thiv Paramsothy, CEO and co-founder of Hera Fertillity.

Thiv has an extensive background in health systems, e-health, and health informatics and has spent his career working at health technology companies, startups, hospitals, and primary care clinics. In 2021, he sold Adracare, the telehealth company he co-founded, to WELL Health Technologies. As the CEO and Founder of Hera Fertility, he continues to pursue his mission to help patients and providers get the care and support they need from our health system.

Learn more and register for the event

We hope to see you there, Monday April 22 at 1pm EST. Registration is now live for the April pitch review event. You can learn more about the panel and what you can expect here.

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