Umbrella Today, Winter edition

Matt Jankowski


Umbrella Today now has snow support!

If you subscribe to umbrella today, we will do one of the following things…

  • On days where there is no precipitation in your area, we will continue to not send you any text messages at all.
  • If it’s going to rain, we’ll send you a message suggesting you bring an umbrella.
  • If it’s going to snow (ie, going to rain plus it’s < than 32˚F where you are), we’ll tell you that it’s going to snow.

In addition, the messages that tell you to bring your umbrella now include the percentage chance of precipitation for your area. That way you don’t have to rely purely on our threshold (40%) for notifying you, and you can make some more informed decisions about whether to bring your umbrella or not.

We also have a new handsome results page for when there is snow (pictured to the right).

Future stuff we’re planning…

  • We want to add International support, and are still looking for the correct library to do this with.
  • We want to add the ability to notify on the :15 or :30 or :45 rather than just on the hour, and will probably allow this in the next release.