Umbrella Today in your email

Matt Jankowski


Following up on last week’s historic announcement that Umbrella Today supports international areas and geocoding, we have another update today — Umbrella Today now has email notification support as well.

This was our next most requested feature after international support. We built Umbrella Today as part of the creation of materials for our Ruby training courses, and one of the original design goals was to have it be the absolute simplest weather report one could build. Even something as trivial as email support really had to prove itself with continued requests and discussion to be worth including in the application.

So anyway - now there’s a choice on the subscription page about wether you want to get SMS messages or email messages, and if you either don’t have an unlimited text message plan, or would just prefer to get email, maybe the new option is for you. The activate and deactivate workflows are the same, and the message you receive are the same, it’s just the delivery system that’s different.