Happy Umbrella Day!

Matt Jankowski

If you’re at all like us, you’ve spent the last few months of your life anticipating one of the truly great holidays in the world: Umbrella Day. This year, as the people behind the internet’s leading umbrella notification service — Umbrella Today — the holiday sort of takes on a special meaning for us, and it’s time to give the site some long overdue love.

International support


Our leading request to date has been to provide international umbrella/weather notification support, so that people who use umbrellas and experience weather but do not live in the US can get the same sweet umbrella notices that the rest of us have grown to rely on for our day to day existence. Unfortunately, due to complexities in the phone system the world built before the dawn of the SMS message, doing this turns out to be more elaborate than we’d like it to be.

However!, effective today, if you have a phone carrier that is on the list of carriers we support (anything on this list), you can now use Umbrella Today from anywhere in the world, and you’ll get the same type of message everyone else does.


Another request has been to support geoname-style data entry, rather than requiring a zip code to get notices. After all, weather forecasts are usually by city or by airport, not by postal code. As part of implementing the International support mentioned above, we needed to switch weather APIs anyway, so we figured why not add geoname support at the same time? Now you can enter Beverly Hills instead of 90210, and it will work the same way it used to.

The third most requested feature — playing the Beverly Hills, 90210 theme song as an embedded midi file on the page when you live in that zip code — is still in the works…and still totally awesome.

Fun games to play with an umbrella

I don’t know any — but happy Umbrella Day, and best weather wishes to all Umbrella-Today-using citizens.