thoughtbot Apprenticeship Applications for 2022 Are Now Open

Chad Pytel

We’re about to enter our 11th year of Apprenticeships at thoughtbot. The Apprenticeship is a fantastic program we have for building our team. It has been very successful since our first apprentices in 2011 and we’ve had well over 50 apprentices since then.

For 2022 we also want to provide consistency in the availability of our apprentice position, even if the number of open positions we have is very limited. So we are publishing and following an application and interview timeline for the open positions.

What is our Apprenticeship program? Apprenticeship is our position for people early in their career that provides structured support and mentorship to get them to the point where they are promoted to be a billable thoughtbot Developer or Designer. It is ideal for intermediate designers and developers looking to build upon their already strong foundation. You can read much more about how it works in our Playbook.

We will consider all Apprenticeship applications submitted before the deadline of January 4th, 2022 in a batch. We have a limited number of positions available and we anticipate that we will get more qualified applicants than available positions. So if you are not selected from this round of applications for the positions starting in March 2022, but we think you will be a good fit for the Apprenticeship with us, you will have the option of opting in to be considered for the next positions, which will start in May 2022.

thoughtbot is a fully-remote company, and these are fully-remote, full-time positions with salary and full benefits. We’re looking for teammates who overlap with our clients’ working hours. This position is available to anyone throughout the Americas (UTC-3 through UTC-10), as well as in Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa (UTC-2 through UTC+3).

The application and selection timeline is as follows:

  • The deadline for consideration for Apprenticeships starting in March 2022 is January 4th, 2022. We will not be reviewing applications before that date.
  • We will notify you of the status of your application on or before January 14th.
  • All initial interviews completed by Jan 21st.
  • All second interviews completed by February 4th.
  • Final stage interviews completed by February 18th.
  • Final decisions by February 21.

Applications are now open and you can apply now:

If you are interested in joining us as an Apprentice, but starting in March 2022 doesn’t work for you, and you want to be notified of future Apprenticeship openings, you can sign up for our Apprentice mailing list. This list will only be used to notify you about Apprentice positions at thoughtbot or other directly-related mentorship opportunities with thoughtbot.