The Dashboard and the Toad

Chad Mazzola

We’re happy to introduce several UI improvements to Hoptoad today: a new account dashboard and project navigation.

Previously, the main page of the app showed a long list of the latest errors across all your projects.


Among developers at thoughtbot, a common workflow was to bypass this combined list for the project specific listing, since greater detail was available there. We decided to make the main page of the app a higher level overview of your projects: the current rate limit, the number of unresolved errors, the latest deploy, and the last three errors for that project. We think these changes do a better job of giving you an immediate sense of what’s happening with your apps.


The dashboard shows summaries for up to five projects. If you have more than five projects on your account, then we will show the five projects you have most recently viewed through the site. This will make sure that you are always seeing the most relevant projects first. The dropdown menu in the navigation is sorted the same way, but will always show the full list of your projects.

In the process of changing the app home page, we removed the sidebar that listed all the projects on your account. Instead, we’ve made the “Projects” link in the main navigation a dropdown that contains a list of all your projects, as well as a button to quickly add a new project. We took great care in crafting the user experience of this menu and think it should help you move around the site with less effort.


Along with these changes, there are a number of other refinements to the UI: the main navigation makes greater use of CSS3, the blank state has been improved, and more.

There were a handful of ideas that we played with and ultimately decided against including in this release (some were cut just a few days ago), all with the aim of presenting the most focused, easy-to-use UI possible.

We’re really pleased with these changes and are excited to roll them out to all our users. If you do happen to have any problems with anything, please let us know through the Hoptoad support site.

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.