A Few Hoptoad UI Adjustments

Since we launched the Hoptoad redesign we’ve been discussing ways to improve usability which has lead to a few changes as well as some new features. Below is an overview of some of these changes:

Error Index

hoptoad ui

  1. Rails environment indicator: in order to save space we trimmed the environment to the first character which will expand when you hover over it. Additionally we added the environment indicator to the project error view.
  2. Nicely truncated error messages: error messages are now longer than before and truncated based on the width of your browser. Go ahead and maximize the window to your 30 monitor and enjoy.

Error show page

hoptoad iu

  1. Sensible left column: We’ve limited the information on the left to be more global in nature.
  2. Error message: We moved the error message to the main column and grouped it with similar information. This allows it to display in a full and unencumbered form.
  3. Navigating errors: You can now navigate through similar errors using these handy buttons.
  4. Link to GitHub: This button will take you directly to the file in question if it’s available in GitHub.

We’re continuing with improvements throughout the app in order to make daily use of Hoptoad as pleasant as possible. As always, thanks for riding the toad.

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.