Hoptoad: same great taste, all new design

It’s been almost a year since we first launched the Toad, so we thought it was time to clean things up a bit. Without further ado, we’d like to announce the newly redesigned Hoptoad!



The look and feel of the entire application has been revamped to provide a more enjoyable experience. We started with a fresh stylesheet, and then unified the form and button styles between our other applications, resulting in a clean and pleasant look throughout.


We used the menu styles from Thunder Thimble, meaning that account, project, and user settings are easily accessible from the entire application.

We cleaned up the errors index so that common tasks, such as viewing all errors for a particular project, are only a click away.

The error info page has been rearranged so that the most important information for each exception is easy to find. Navigating through the details for each error has been made easier by an improved tabbed layout.

Associated Lighthouse tickets show up with number, title, and tags. We moved ticket info into the sidebar to avoid extra clicks between tabs. Adding and finding tickets is easier, too.

We also took this opportunity to make subtle usability changes throughout the application, too numerous to mention here, that should make Hoptoad even easier to use than before.

If you’re a Hoptoad user, just log in to see the new design. You’ll want a Tadpole account or better to take advantage of integration with Lighthouse.

If you’re not using Hoptoad yet, what are you waiting for? You can sign up for free!

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.