Supporting our startup clients with Startup Stack

Liz Dombroski

We are pumped to be a part of the Startup Stack community, whose mission is to support startups with a toolkit for operational excellence. What caught our eye about Startup Stack is the extensive range of tech perks they provide and that each perk is carefully vetted before approval.

thoughtbot supports startups of every stage, size, and industry with their product strategy, design, and development goals and as a part of our Startup Stack Perk will be extending a discount and a lot of great resources.

Startup Stack Perk

Startup Stack community has access to a discount on your first thoughtbot project and a few resources available to support your product.

Screenshot Startup Stack thoughtbot perk

We set out to be an ideal product strategy partner, but understand that startups have a wide variety of needs as they grow. We hope joining communities like Startup Stack helps equip our own clients with all the tools they need to reach their goals.

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If you have a project or needs that you would like to discuss, please send us a note.

If you are a part of a startup community that you think we should partner with, we would love to hear your ideas!