Building a Startup is Hard, Let's Make it Easier

Purpose-built is a new resource center from thoughtbot to bring expert advice to founders (and founders-to-be), no matter their level of technical expertise.

Building great products is hard. Validating ideas, de-risking your business, accelerating your time to market, and ensuring product quality are among the bevy of essential skills for entrepreneurs, startups, and early stage companies to master.

The Purpose-built resource center features thoughtbot interviews, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and case studies highlighting amazing stories and advice - for and from great entrepreneurs!

Here are some examples of what you’ll find:

Michael Sheeley, co-founder of Runkeeper

Alex Friedman, co-founder of LOLA

Product Design Sprint: Why it’s Critical for Validating your MVP

Before you MVP

Build vs. Buy: Considerations for new Products

Startup Story: SplitFit

Startup Story: Escape the City

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