Ruby Science on the Web and Updated to Rails 7

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More than a decade years ago, we created and published Ruby Science, the reference for writing fantastic Rails applications. The material within Ruby Science is really great, but until now it wasn’t easily accessible and linkable.

Now, every chapter of Ruby Science is available directly on our website at

In addition to being available on the web, we’ve also updated the example application that accompanies the book to Rails 7 and Ruby 3.2.2. We livestreamed this upgrade on our YouTube and Twitch channels. If you missed it, you can watch the recorded livestream series at in this YouTube playlist.

If you’d like EPUB and PDF versions of the updated book, you can get them in a “Pay What You Want” model on Gumroad.

You can also sponsor us on GitHub. Your purchase goes to support the ongoing maintenance of Ruby Science, our blog, and our other open source projects.

We’re excited to make the great solutions in Ruby Science more accessible and we thank you for your support.