Ruby Science Turns One Today

Joe Ferris

One point oh, that is! I’m very pleased to announce that Ruby Science 1.0 has just hit the digital presses.

Ruby Science has come a long way since its initial release last December. The book now contains 40 action-packed chapters - pun intended. It also received a complete redesign and typographical refresh in the pursuit of improved readability. Since the beta releases, the book has received a thorough technical review by the developers at thoughtbot as well as professional editing. Lastly, we’ve updated the chapter lineup a bit.

By reading Ruby Science, you’ll learn to detect code smells, discover ways to refactor sticky code, and read about patterns you can use to solve common issues. You’ll also read about useful principles for writing fast, fun, and flexible code. Your purchase gets you access to the 1.0 release, all future updates, and the companion example application.

Get your copy of Ruby Science today!