See you at RailsConf 2011!

We’re packing up our gems, our test suites, and our GIFs, and heading down to Baltimore for the week.

Got a burning question about one of our open source tools? Want to chat about managing application copy and content with Copycopter, tracking and mananging app errors with Hoptoad, or planning and building your apps with Trajectory ? We’d love to chat.

You can also catch Joe Ferris and Nick Quaranto at their talks on Wednesday and Thursday:

Thursday at 1:50pm: Cutting your own RubyGems with Nick Quaranto:

Diving head-first into RubyGems is rough: there’s a myriad of documentation sites, blog posts, screencasts, and manpages to read, and it’s tough to find “the” guide on how to publish your first RubyGem. In this session you’ll learn why making them is important for your Rails application’s maintainability and how distributing your code in gems even internally is helpful.

Wednesday at 2:50pm: Testing The Impossible with Joe Ferris:

Dive into the internals of thoughtbot’s copycopter_client and discover how we test grizzly components such as: HTTP, SSL, Threads, Mutexes, Polling, Forking, Logging, Caching, and Rails Engines. Also learn common strategies for testing applications that contain difficult-to-test components, as well as tools for regression testing, such as ensuring that your library will work across several versions of Rails. Testing is a staple in the Ruby community, but there are certain small pieces of behavior that seem to be simply untestable. Trying to create complicated tests for only a few lines of code seems to be a waste of time, but introducing gaps in coverage leaves the entire application or library suspect. This talk will help you close those gaps and keep your coverage at 100% regardless of what ugly monsters rear their heads.