See you at PostgreSQL West

The PostgreSQL West conference will take place in San Jose, California this upcoming September 27 through the 30th.


There are a few interesting talks for the Ruby crowd. Peter van Hardenberg has a talk titled “PostgreSQL and Ruby: Libraries and their Gaps,” Jeremy Evans will talk about the excellent Sequel library, Will Leinweber’s talk is about “Exposing the power of PostgreSQL to Ruby”, and Ryan Smith will talk about his work on Queue Classic, the PostgreSQL powered queueing library for ruby. I will also be speaking about ~~bacon~~ Redis, as well as giving a full day workshop on Ruby on Rails development with PostgreSQL on September 27th. At $349.00, it’s a bargain!

Additionally, there are a bunch of interesting talks about PostgreSQL and its ecosystem, including topics like replication and management tools like repmgr and Tungsten, Bucardo and so much more. Hope to see you there!