PostgreSQL Conf East

Harold Giménez

This following week, PostgreSQL Conf East will take place in New York City. The conference starts on Wednesday March 23 and ends on Friday the 25th. There is an excellent lineup of speakers and talks from the PostgreSQL community, as well as from the folks from MongoDB, Rails, Python and other related communities.


This is a great opportunity to either start to learn about PostgreSQL, or polish your skills on some of the more advanced topics related to Postgres and it’s ecosystem. I look forward to a number of these talks, such as migrating from MySQL, replication options (Slony, Tungsten, built in streaming replication and hot standby), as well as technologies new to me like GridSQL, foreign data wrappers and so much more.

Additionally, Tuesday March 22nd is training day. There will be half and full day trainings on a number of topics, including the inner workings of MVCC, Postgres HA, understanding the query planner, replication, as well as other topics like MongoDB, Django, and Rails which will be taught by yours truly.

I plan on walking you through the basics of Ruby, and then dig right into building a web application with Ruby on Rails using PostgreSQL. It will be very similar to our very own workshops, but with a Postgres twist where we’ll walk through how to use some of the Postgres specific features like full text search, different index types and more. At only $349, this is a true bargain! By the end of the day you will know enough Ruby and Rails to start building and contributing to your very own Postgres backed Rails application. Register here.

Hope to see you there!