Running Your First Design Sprint (and how to do it remotely)

Thom Obarski

Design sprints are an excellent way to define your MVP and scope your initial features; but they can also be intense and intimidating. Join Jaclyn Perrone, Design Director of thoughtbot Boston, for a deep dive on the entire process from initial preparations, to testing and learning from your prototype. When you’re finished you’ll be able to better focus on your core problem, validate your ideas, and test through continued iteration (iteration is our jam)!

Sometimes it’s necessary to do design sprints remotely, which can change the dynamics of the sprint. On this week’s Tentative, a podcast discussing our adventures in digital product design, Jaclyn & co-host Kyle Fiedler (CDO, thoughtbot) talk over the tools, tips, and methodologies we like to use when augmenting this process to conduct remote design sprints.

For even more great insight into design sprints, see how thoughtbot can help scope your next project or feature and align your team on a unified purpose!