The Ruby devroom is back at FOSDEM

Yours truly has written an application for a Ruby devroom at FOSDEM2024 and the organizers were gracious enough to give it! It has been 6 long years since Ruby got a room at FOSDEM, so it’s a merry thing for our community to have it back.

I invite you all, beginners as well as veterans, to give a talk. This is the ruby call for participation.

FOSDEM will be held the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of February in Brussels, Belgium. The Ruby devroom will be open the Saturday afternoon. Having gone to FOSDEM a few times now, I can honestly say that it offers a lot throughout the weekend, even without a Ruby devroom. It’s better with one, needless to say.

Also, if you’re one of our blog readers, even if you don’t submit a proposal, please come and say hi!

Finally, I want to write a special mention to my co-organizer Stan Boyet. He leads RubyBelgium with panache and is helping with this new adventure.