Meet us at Helvetic Ruby 2024

Sarah Lima

Since I began my journey in tech almost a decade ago, I’ve loved attending conferences. They’ve not only taught me a lot but also helped me make some great friends. Trying new things, like giving my first talk and organizing events, has been really rewarding. And this week I’ll be at Helvetic Ruby 2024, happening on May 16th and 17th in Zürich, Switzerland.

Helvetic Ruby is co-organized by my thoughtbot teammate Dimiter Petrov. We’ll both be joining an Open Source Office Hours on the first day, where we’ll gather with community members to work together on open source. I have selected a few issues from Superglue and Administrate I’m excited to work on and pair with other attendees. You are welcome to join us even if you don’t have an idea what to work on in advance.

If you’re into OSS, check out our Open Source page to learn more about our projects.