Prepare to Fundraise: A new playbook from thoughtbot and Forecastr

What’s the difference between a potential investor saying your early stage idea is “okay, but pass” instead of “I need to get in on that cap table!”? Fundraising is challenging, exciting, time-intensive, and if you’re lucky, the start of your next big phase of work.

While investors all have different investing theses, there are a few core elements of your business plan that will always draw their scrutiny. In today’s investment climate more than ever, they need to feel confident in your vision. A compelling vision starts with your market insights and financial acumen.

At the earliest stage, your product-market fit narrative is more about your plan to get there. Investors want to see thorough market analysis with a clear definition of the target customer and a path to adoption by this market segment.

Build confidence in your plan by demonstrating a validated business concept

For your financial strategy, you are likely at an inflection point between scrappy self-funding and scaling a business with substantial investment. You need to paint a compelling financial narrative to instill confidence in how you will use investment to increase value and grow returns over time.

Build a financial model that helps you run the business sustainably

thoughtbot has teamed up with Forecastr to help you. We’ve combined our product and finance superpowers into a step-by-step playbook you can use to improve your chances of funding.

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A sketch of a playbook diagram supports the description of a new playbook from thoughtbot and Forecastr called "Prepare to Fundraise".