PDS Kit - What happens on Day 5?

If you are following along with our Design Sprint Kit video playlist, this blog will shine a light on the activities you will be doing on Day 5, the final day of your Product Design Sprint.

Goal of Day 5:

The goal of Day 5 is to get valuable feedback on our designs from real people. This unbiased feedback is critical to the process as it will allow us to identify which aspects of our solution works and which parts need to be iterated on. This feedback will save us a lot of time and resources in the long run and should help us to create a product with much better product-market fit from the beginning.

What will we have at the end of Day 5?

All the work done over the course of the last week has been building to this point; this is the final litmus test of our efforts. At the end of the day we should have a clear idea of what we need to do next. Usually, the next steps will involve a number of iterations to the design and prototype. If no iterations are required, then we can begin to build our product or we can initiate plans to raise some capital to build it if necessary.

An image showing an Excel spreadsheet with each facet of the prototype listed and graded on a scale from 1 to 5

What does the day involve?

As you can see from the PDS schedule in our documentation, Day 5 is quite a long day. It consists of five user testing sessions. These sessions usually last for about one hour each. It is helpful to have somebody from the team to lead the testing sessions and a second person on hand to take notes. We have some great tips on how to run these sessions and what our expected output should be in 4 tutorial videos in our YouTube guide.

Once we have completed our five sessions, we will spend some time filling in our conclusion worksheet and planning our roadmap of next steps.

And that is it, you will have completed a Product Design Sprint; well done to you!

If anything is not clear, please feel free to contact us with questions. Happy Sprinting!