PDS Kit - What happens on Day 4?

If you are following along with our Design Sprint Kit video playlist, this blog will shine a light on the activities you will be doing on Day 4 of your Product Design Sprint.

Goal of Day 4:

The goal of Day 4 is to create a high fidelity prototype of our chosen concept to test with real users and potential customers on Day 5.

Believe it or not, we already have most of the groundwork done for our prototype. The prototype will be the final evolution of the basic map we made back on Day 1. Since then we made this map visual with our sketching efforts on Day 2 and then we selected the best sketches to include on Day 3. Today, we will simply polish and link those top sketches into something that users can actually interact with.

What will we have at the end of Day 4?

By the end of Day 4 we will have a high fidelity prototype that we can get users to test. Your prototype can take many forms, from offline solutions to paper solutions to more advanced prototypes like those we can create with prototyping tools like Figma.

To experiment with what a Figma prototype can do, feel free to check out our Travel Bucket PDS prototype here. Be sure to toggle between the three different flows in the toolbar on the left or hit “R” on your keyboard to take you back to the start of a flow. Or, take a look at our clip below to get an idea of the interactions and level of fidelity we can create in just one day.

An image showing 5 screens from our Travel Bucket prototype final designs

We explain all about prototyping in Figma and in other mediums in our PDS Kit video on the topic.

What does the day involve?

As you can see from the PDS schedule in our documentation, Day 4 consists of a recap followed by a single exercise; creating our prototype. Ideally this is completed in a single day while taking breaks as needed but, if this is your first prototype experience, leaving two days to complete it may be necessary.

If anything is not clear, please feel free to contact us with questions. Happy Sprinting!