PDS Kit - What happens on Day 3?

If you are following along with our Design Sprint Kit video playlist, this blog will shine a light on the activities you will be doing on Day 3 of your Product Design Sprint.

Goal of Day 3:

While Day 2 is about diverging and coming up with as many solutions as possible, Day 3 is about narrowing our focus down to a single solution. The goal of Day 3 is to take all those great, creative ideas we sketched yesterday and to democratically identify the best bits from each. We will then stitch these best bits together in accordance with the basic map we made on Day 1. These ideas, when joined together, should form one cohesive solution.

What will we have at the end of Day 3?

By the end of Day 3 we will be left with a visual representation of our idea’s basic flow. This flow is an evolution of the map we created on Day 1. You will begin to see progress at this point in the Sprint as that flow started as verbal ideas, then became written sticky notes, then individual visual sketches on Day 2 and it has now transformed into a cohesive visual flow. This evolution will culminate in Day 4 with the creation of a high fidelity prototype; our stitched sketches will provide the foundations for that prototype.

An image showing several sketches stitched together to form a 3 part product flow

What does the day involve?

As you can see from the PDS schedule in our documentation, Day 3 consists of a lot of democratic voting exercises to select the most promising ideas we want to move forward with. Once the voting is done, we will work collaboratively to combine the ideas into a single solution. We have six videos in our playlist to help us complete the process and to get ready to prototype our idea.

If anything is not clear, please feel free to contact us with questions. Happy Sprinting!