New Workshop: Intro to Site Reliability Engineering

There are a few paths that lead a developer or engineering manager to reach for their favorite search engine or forum to learn more about Site Reliability Engineering. One route may be the curious practitioner who loves understanding the latest best practices in development processes and automations. They want to stay ahead of the curve and always work smarter. The second path to SRE research can be a bit more urgent. They may have multiple teams deploying frequently and experiencing a lot of outages and the headaches that come with that.

Whatever your path to learning more about the fundamentals of Site Reliability Engineering, we are excited to see you here!

Join thoughtbot’s SRE Intro workshop on February 29th

thoughtbot Senior Developer and SRE superfan, Clarissa Lima Borges will be leading a free virtual workshop providing an introduction to SRE. Clarissa is on thoughtbot’s platform engineering team and is passionate about mentoring fellow developers on SRE methodologies and the latest technologies and best practices.

Image promoting the workshop featuring Clarissa and the event details below

Clarissa will walk participants in the workshop through the fundamental SRE principles and guide you through exercises designed to teach you how to create SRE standards like Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for your own organization.

Event details:

  • What’s Up Time? The Intro to Site Reliability Engineering Workshop
  • Thursday, February 29th
  • 1 - 2pm ET

Learn more about the workshop and register to participate here.