New Online Workshop: How to Supercharge Your Rails App with a Code Audit

I’ve worked on enough Rails applications and talked to enough developers and technical leaders to know that virtually every Rails app, no matter how well-maintained, can become troublesome to work on. There are a number of factors to this: features can be built in a number of different ways, business and customer needs evolve over time, or the team shifts and context is lost.

We’ve been conducting code audits for clients for a number of years now in an effort to uncover pain points, name them, and work to prioritize tackling identified solutions to help speed up feature development and improve developer happiness (because who doesn’t enjoy working on a cohesive, well-factored, performant Rails application?) From those audits, we’ve honed in on our process and tooling to ensure we’re uncovering the riskiest portions of the codebase.

Joël and Alejandro pair-programming and smiling while looking at the same

With our purpose in mind, we are hosting an online workshop geared towards engineering leaders of teams working in Rails applications, covering:

  • how to prepare for a code audit, including instrumentation and SaaS solutions to begin capturing insights
  • key areas of focus when auditing Rails applications, like test suite time, code churn, and SQL performance
  • audit tooling, like reek and churn
  • prioritizing audit findings

I’ll be hosting the workshop and joined by two additional thoughtbot developers, Joël Quenneville and Annie Lydens.

Join us on April 9th at 12:30pm ET – we hope to see you there!