Big Bang

We usually work on apps that take a few weeks or months to launch. However, we’re doing something a little different next week for an awesome Cambridge company: we’ll be starting an application on Monday morning and launching it on Friday.

Something different, but familiar

We love the Rails Rumble, sponsoring the championship belt, competing as multiple teams, and enviously watching Kevin bring home the spoils.

Championship belt

Joe and Tammer also had a hoot at Hashrocket’s 3-2-1 Launch for

3-2-1 Launch

The team

The squad will be Mazz, Fred, Tristan, and myself.

The company

This is for Future Fridays, an innovation lab in Central Square founded by Rousseau Aurelien and James McElhiney, successful entrepreneurs who previously founded Gazelle.

The app

The app is called Fashionopoly. The rest is a mystery!


Future Fridays has been doing customer development for many months now. They’ve prepared user stories and wireframes for us. Our usual toolset of Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Continuous Integration, Suspenders, and Github is ready. We’ll be deploying to Heroku and saving images to S3. All of this is awaiting us Monday morning.

More to come

We’ll be keeping track of our experiences and blogging again when the time is right. Please wish us luck! Also, if you’re a former Rumbler, we’d love to hear your best tip.