Solving the Pain of Forms on Static Sites

Ben Orenstein

We created a service called FormKeep that makes putting forms on static sites generated by Jekyll or Middleman extremely fast and easy.

Recently, we had a new customer who was so excited to find our product that he sent over his company chat logs that showed their process of struggling to find a solution, and then discovering FormKeep.

We think it perfectly encapsulates what makes FormKeep great.

This (very lightly edited and partially anonymized) transcript is posted with their permission:

fj So I set up the Wufoo account. I can leave it to you guys to customize it. Is that cool?

oren Yes, let’s start with a free account to make sure it works well?

vadim Ok so: Wufoo is a bit of a pain in the ass.

oren Huh how come?

vadim You can’t just use their API, you have to use their form.

oren What’s wrong with their form?

vadim You have to go to their site and customize their form and style it to look like what we want.

oren You can’t css normally?

vadim You can say ‘custom css theme’ and then just write your own css but you have to deal with their markup.

oren How bad can it be?

vadim You have a look, just login to our account.

oren So to be clear, I can write css for it in the usual css file and just address their divs and crappy markup?

vadim It is not that easy because our css file needs to be available online.

vadim And right now it is not hosted anywhere.

oren Oh. Damn. The alternative is to style it with their UI?

vadim Or to find a service where we can provide our own markup. Let me do some research.


vadim (at least I think so)

fj Cool.

oren lgtm

vadim Guys I just set up a contact form with FormKeep in 2 min. AS IT SHOULD BE.

oren Nice.

oren They knew our pain.

vadim Pushed working form.

fj Wow, that’s sweet.

vadim Guys, FormKeep is $25/month for commercial use. I really really like them. They made the form site that the world deserves. It is unlimited (because limiting form submission is total bullshit pricing strategy).

fj $25 a month is fine.

If you need a form for your static site, FormKeep will have you up and running in 2 minutes. No ugly markup, JavaScript, iframes, or CSS overrides. Submissions to your form can fire emails, trigger a webhook to a custom URL, or be forwarded through our Zapier integration to Slack, Trello, Salesforce, and hundreds of other apps.

Get your first form now!

P.S. You can see the contact form discussed in the transcript at Imply. Scroll to the bottom and inspect the contact form’s source.