How to be super-fast with Trello

Dan Croak and Chad Pytel

Be super-fast with Trello

We use Trello for a lot of our processes and projects. Here’s how to be hyper-productive with it.

See all cards on all boards assigned to you, ordered by board or by due date

Go to (also accessible by clicking your name in the nav, then “Cards”).

Quickly see cards on a board assigned to yourself

Type “q” while viewing the board to filter cards on a board to the ones assigned to you.

Quickly assign cards to yourself

Hover your mouse over a card, hit “spacebar”.

Quickly label cards

Hover your mouse over a card. Hit “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, or “6” to label the card with the label color associated with that number.

More Shortcuts

Trello has a lot more keyboard shortcuts.


We’ve made various templates to help kickstart a new project available. Go to “Menu” > “Copy Board” to copy the template into a new board for your project. Make any necessary changes.

Trello development

Have an idea for a new Trello feature? There’s a public proposed features Trello board. Upvote or comment on things you’d like to see.