Hound Checks JavaScript Code Style

Sean Doyle

Over one year ago, we announced Hound support for JavaScript. Behind the scenes, Hound linted JavaScript code with JSHint.

In the past year, JSHint has deprecated several rules, stating:

Warning This option has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major release of JSHint. JSHint is limiting its scope to issues of code correctness. If you would like to enforce rules relating to code style, check out the JSCS project.

To support this shift in responsibilities, we’re excited to announce JavaScript Code Style (JSCS) support for Hound!

JSCS accepts over 150 configurable rules to support your team’s stylistic tastes.

Looking for a solid starting point? Extend your JSCS ruleset with presets from popular open-source projects like jQuery or WordPress, or companies like Airbnb and Google.

Migrating from [ESLint]? Use the Crockford preset!

Turn it on

JSCS linting is meant to work alongside our JSHint linting.

You can enable or disable JSCS linting, or reference your own config, by editing .hound.yml in your repo.

Example .hound.yml:

  config_file: .jshintrc
  enabled: true
  config_file: .jscsrc

Hound-JSCS’s current linter supports jscs@^2.6.0.

Unfortunately, we don’t support custom additional rules yet.

Like the rest of Hound’s architecture, Hound’s JSCS linter is also open-source!

We think Hound is the best way to add style-checking to your workflow. Since it’s free for open source projects, it couldn’t be easier to get started.