Hound Reviews JavaScript For Style Violations

Five months ago, we announced Hound, a hosted service that reviews code for style violations and comments about them on your GitHub pull requests. Since then, over 3,000 users have signed up and used Hound to review code over 150,000 times.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Hound can review JavaScript code in addition to Ruby and CoffeeScript code.

Screenshot of Hound reviewing JavaScript file


By default, JavaScript is disabled for your repos.

You can enable or disable JavaScript, or reference your own config, by editing .hound.yml in your repo.

Example .hound.yml:

  enabled: true
  config_file: config/javascript.json

To use Hound’s JavaScript defaults but still control which languages are enabled:

  enabled: true

Special thanks to the maintainers of jshintrb for providing a nice Ruby interface to JSHint.

Let Hound Guard Your Repo

Hound is still very young. We’re eager for your feedback on the service. It is free for public repos, and $12 per month per private repo.

Try Hound today!